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Gloria Merle Huffman's excellent metric match English singing translation of
Navidad Nuestra (Our Christmas)
in your performance program notes.
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Gloria Sun Productions, LLC

SAMPLE TRANSLATION (#1 La Anunciación/The Annunciation):

Jinete de un rayo rojo
viene volando el Ángel Gabriel.
Con sable punta de estrella,
espuela ‘e plata, estaba caté.

The Angel Gabriel comes flying,
comes riding a rosy ray of light.
An elegant horseman, he,
with a silver spur and a saber bright.

(© 2013 Gloria Merle Huffman)


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New! Voice-only sample of 
"La Marseillaise sung in English, v 1 & chorus, voice only, text"


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La Marseillaise ("The Spirit of Marseille"), words and music by Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle, 1792; new 2016 sheet music piano/vocal arrangement for three verses, translated from French to English by Gloria Merle Huffman. BUY IT NOW!

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In addition to being a pianist, Gloria Merle Huffman is a composer and arranger, principally for piano, piano/vocal, and choral works.

Her most noted composition is her 1979/1991 song, Pledge of Allegiance, USA, sung both with and without the words "under God," Grand Prize Winner of the 1992 Greenwich (CT) Townwide Talent Show. See the listing at Gloria Sun Productions, LLC (COMING in 2015)

. . .

She has also composed numerous hymns and incidental sacred works for voice and organ. Her As the Hart Panteth (Psalm 42) is an a capella SATB homophonic anthem-style arrangement of the King James English text of Psalm 42, with a repetition of the last three words. It is unique is this respect. The music requires skilled musicians with full vocal ranges.

1. See the Psalm 42 description and hear the SAMPLE AUDIO at Gloria Sun Productions, LLC

2. See 4 SAMPLE PAGES and BUY the PSALM 42 PAPER SHEET MUSIC at the Gloria Sun Productions Store

3. DOWNLOAD PSALM 42 as an 8-page PDF file NOW.

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High-Quality English Singing Translations

Her translations of well-known French, Italian, and Spanish lyrics into English are world-class, adhering closely to the original texts while flowing as though English were the original language. Examples:

1. Après un Rêve (After A Dream), by Gabriel Fauré, in a new high-quality English singing translation by Gloria Merle Huffman - from the French translation by Romain Bussine of the original anonymous Tuscan text (includes Tuscan, French, Huffman's English, and the English parody by Adrien Ross). The sheet music is on sale at Sheet Music Plus. 3 SAMPLE PAGES viewable there. Downloadable PDF file, 7 pages (US$5.00). BUY NOW! 

Download Après un Rêve (After A Dream) at  Sheet Music Plus

Order the paper sheet music for Après un Rêve (After A Dream):  coming soon at  Sheet Music Plus

2. Aranjuez, mon amour in a new high-quality English singing translation by Gloria Merle Huffman - from Guy A. Bontempelli's French lyrics as sung in 1967 by Richard Anthony, based on Joaquín Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez, Second Movement: Adagio 

3. Navidad Nuestra (Our Christmas) (© 1998, © 2013), a 6-song Argentinian folk drama (20 minutes) for chorus, soloists, percussion, guitar, and piano, in a new high-quality English singing translation by Gloria Merle Huffman - music by the late Argentinian composer Ariel Ramírez, original Spanish and Guaraní text by the late Argentinian historian and lyricist Félix Luna 

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